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We, as humans, evolve, grow up or grow old so our needs change within the years. That’s why interiors should be practical and useful. They should serve the purpose and everchanging human needs. We are normally used to walls as classic room dividers, but what if I told you that there are other interesting ways to spice up and divide your interior spaces? Of course, there are other room dividers as bookshelves, desks, plants, screens and much more. This time let’s explore curtain room dividers as an upcoming trend, although it has been out there for a long time. I’ve spotten this interior trend back at Milan Design Week 2018 and 2019. It’s still a neglected trend and accessory that has a lot of potential.

Let’s discover interior design trends 2023+, one of which is curtain room dividers. In this article I’ve selected multiple interior design examples.

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Some curtain room dividers from previous Milan Design Weeks:

Rosenthaler 69 – Poke restaurant by VAUST studio

This is how Vaust Studio designers imagined Poke restaurant, created during lockdown times. With the help of curtains you can create different moods and scenarios, to close and open spaces.

Living Bakkali – Restaurant by Masquespacio

Masquespacio is a colourful interior design studio based in Valencia, Spain. I have created a separate article about Living Bakkali restaurant. Interior designers used curtains to make restaurant interior look more private. Curtains and curved walls and niches recreate really well Oriental town street vibes.

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BJM Apartment by b2architecture

Here you can see an apartment with playful choice of materials and colors designed by b2architecture. Architects created a bedroom cube with glass wall, and added curtains to make room more intimate. It’s a nice way to have more visual space as the glass divider is transparent and your eyes do not stop discovering what’s behind. Instead, it goes through it and interior visually becomes bigger.

RA Apartment by Pascali Semerdjian Arquitetos

Curtain room dividers are very practical in small spaces like studio apartments, and Pascali Semerdjian Arquitetos have used it as a focal point. Curtains can become a perfect tool to hide unwanted things as well. They also make the room look differently – the easiest way to create another mood in seconds! If you take a closer look, a desk serves as a room divider which is really smart.

TCD apartment by PlaC

This colourful one bedroom apartment in Turin has been inhabited for years, so PlaC architects have completely reconfigured the floor plan. They also incorporated curtains to close kitchen space from the rest of the living room, as well as hiding bookcase and wardrobe.

NEXO 2.0 by Studio Bonba

Studio Bonba has been assigned to create a next generation Nexo office for more than 10 employees. Their goal was to create interior using WELL criteria – interior should feel like home, without losing office functionalities. Curtains can help not only to change the floorplan, it also creates great acoustics and a warm homey atmosphere.

Stay Hotel by Rizoma Architetture

Dividing room by curtains is also a good idea in the hotel lobies, in the reception and in the bedroom areas. In this case, Rizoma Architetture did multiple interchanging spaces on the ground floor, which can me made private by one hand gesture. Whereas in the hotel room they have added curtains to the bedroom area around the bed, probably inspired by tropic countries.

Six N. Five Studio by Isern Serra

A multifunctional Six N. Five studio space created by Iser Serra in Barcelona. “The formal concept of the project is born from the idea of materiality itself, that while being part of the physical and tangible world”. Studio space includes exhibition space, a café, a warehouse, a main work area with an isolated rack, a workshop and a meeting room with kitchen.

Have you enjoyed my selections?

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