Between past and present: Fisherman's House in Valencia transformed by Viruta Lab

Between past and present: Viruta Lab Transforms Fisherman’s House in Valencia, Cabanal

Architects María Daroz and David Puerta, from the Valencian interior design studio Viruta Lab, have breathed new life into an old fisherman’s house nestled in the heart of Valencia’s charming Cabanyal neighborhood, just a stone throw away from the beach. This two-story, 85m2 gem, with roots dating back to 1946, was once the cherished property of the owner’s grandparents. However, after years of abandonment, this historically rich and charming house has undergone a meticulous transformation, seamlessly blending architectural restoration and interior design to revive the essence of Cabanyal’s maritime heritage.

The primary objective was to elevate the historical tapestry of the house while seamlessly integrating it with the demands of contemporary living. The restoration process delicately breathed new life into weathered brick walls, introducing a contemporary language that whispers of the sea and the essence of salt.

Original brick walls now proudly stand in contrast against a checkerboard mosaic floor, creating an optical illusion that serves as a transformative element, expanding the space and carving out an identity that seamlessly marries tradition with a contemporary aesthetic.

The architects paid careful attention to preserving original architectural elements and pre-existing materials, restoring moldings, adding height, and infusing a generous dose of nostalgia into the interior design. This meticulous approach not only respects the historical context but also adds a layer of sentimental value to the revamped living space.

The revival seamlessly extended into the interior woodwork, where doors underwent meticulous treatment—stripping and waxing with the utmost care. In the carefully designed bathroom spaces, a two-tone mosaic cladding creates a harmonious connection throughout the entire interior, culminating in a microcement finish that introduces a touch of contemporary luxury.

With a commitment to heritage preservation, the house maintains the traditional influx of natural light conceived in 1946. Sunlit openings, thoughtfully preserved, generously cast their warm glow upon the interior. In a captivating dance of light and shadow, the expansive opening to the kitchen beckons the ambiance of the backyard into the living spaces.

Casa Cabanyal transcends being a mere house; it unfolds as a captivating narrative atop a walkable rooftop—a sanctuary for leisure and reflection. The roof, waterproofed with traditional Catalan clay tiles, plays host to a wooden gazebo, offering a front-row seat to the enchanting moonlit nights of València.

Casa Cabanyal emerges not just as a dwelling but as a profound testament to the art of preserving history and crafting a living masterpiece.

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