Paris Design Week 2023: Trendy Products For 2024

Paris Design Week takes place every September and January,  organized by Maison&Objet. Paris Design Week has multiple design exhibitions and installations across the capital. During almost 2 weeks, designers and enthusiasts can participate in openings, cocktail parties, workshops and much more. Let’s take a look at exciting new furniture and products that designers presented during the fair.

Uchronia debuts with their outdoor furniture collection

Uchronia, colourful, fun and daring Parisian interior design studio, created by Julien Sebban, introduces its first furniture collection. It features elegant Sunset Bench and Sunset Chair, complemented by the charming Cookie table and a playful pop-inspired floor lamp. The exhibition in the chateau highlights a monumental room divider framing a circular bed crafted in collaboration with Le Lit National.

Alwa One table and Boule Lamp by Sebastian Herkner for Pulpo

Pulpo‘s exhibit at Maison&Objet featured a mix of new designs and revamped icons. The sought-after Alwa One table, a Sebastian Herkner classic, now comes in a large coffee table size, showcasing thick handcrafted glass and silky powder-coated steel.

Also, Pulpo unveiled new boule floor lamps with solid marble bases, skillfully crafted in Portugal.

Elena Salmistraro presents "Legami" collection for Tai Ping rugs

Italian product designer Elena Salmistraro creates colourful rugs collection for Tai Ping rugs brand. This collection of six hand-tufted rugs draws inspiration from the symbolism of the human hand, being both graphic and conceptual. The hand serves as the muse for this extraordinary collection.

Friedmann&Versace debuts with “Constellation”

Parisian interior design duo Friedmann&Versace debuts with their furniture collection, carefully crafted in France by Ateliers d’Art. The pieces showcase a poetic world, incorporating celestial, vegetal, and aquatic motifs, drawing inspiration from surrealism and mythology.

Alp lounge chair by Martin Hirth for Fést

Fést‘s vibrant exhibition at Maison&Objet was a beautiful blend of colour, imagination, and playfulness. Founder Femke Furnée curated the stand to resonate with the brand’s motto, “optimism is a superpower.”

The brand presented Alp lounge chair, a statement piece by designer Martin Hirth. Inspired by the sculptural Orsay candle, this chair adds a touch of artistic flair to the collection.

Photography: Aida Sniraite / Authentic Interior

"Sofa Sistema" by Theoreme Editions

Theoreme Editions, a French furniture brand, presents SISTEMA, a new system of modular sofas designed by Pool. Designers drew inspiration from the timeless Achille chair, a notable highlight from Theoreme’s Collection 01 launch during Milan Design Week 2019,

SISTEMA represents a seamless fusion of form and function, which is a testament of meticulous design.

Jaime Hayon & Tradition

Discover the latest from the collaboration between &Tradition and Spanish artist from Valencia Jaime Hayon. The “Momento” collection is a tribute to life’s simple pleasures, while the “Formakami Limited Edition” seamlessly blends Hayon’s contemporary artistic language with skilled craftsmanship. 

“Momento is about love, it has something to do with this idea of giving yourself a little moment to enjoy. These are objects that are already a part of your life – that you want to have near you.”

Paris Design Week 2023: Discover These Beautiful Interior Design Products


Rebecca Benichou and Florence Jallet of Batiik Studio make their debut at the 2023 Paris Design Week, with their new collection “Dans le sillage de Nérée” (In the Wake of Nereus). They draw inspiration from the god of the sea and his descendants, which is visible in their design pieces. Crafted from natural materials like wood and rattan, each piece in the collection embodies the essence of coastal living.

Paris Design Week 2023: Discover These Beautiful Interior Design Products

INDIA MAHDAVI for Thonet Vienna

At Paris Design Week 2023, India Mahdavi unveils her second collaboration with Gebrüder Thonet Vienna—the “Mickey” lounge chair. Knowing the Austrian brand’s unique savoir-faire, Mahdavi crafts a chair that transcends function, embodying comfort, colour, and kindness. Described by the designer as a cherished friend with big ears, ready to listen to all your fears, the “Mickey” chair seamlessly blends Viennese tradition with Mahdavi’s artistic vision.

Paris Design Week 2023: Discover These Beautiful Interior Design Products

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