Aperitivo Renaissance in Venice, Italy: Terrazza Aperol by Vudafieri-Saverino Partners

Terrazza Aperol: Cocktail Bar in Venice, Italy by Vudafieri-Saverino Partners

In the heart of Venice, Italy, the capital of Aperol Spritz, bar Terrazza Aperol undergoes a stunning metamorphosis, marrying Italian aperitivo tradition with cutting-edge interior design. Renowned architects Tiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino, the creative minds behind Milan-based firm Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, have breathed new life into this 70 m2 space, seamlessly blending the charm of Venetian bacari, Venice’s tiny local bars, with the sophistication of a modern cocktail bar.

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Venice, January 2024 – a stone’s throw from the Ponte dell’Accademia, within Campo Santo Stefano, Terrazza Aperol emerges as a living canvas, a testament to the marriage of heritage and avant-garde design. Tiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino wanted to highlight the strong link between Aperol and Venetian tradition—and have created the Social Room, a venue that increases the pleasure of socialising.

In the Bacaro, where Venetian “cicchetti” take center stage, textures and materials become storytellers. A ribbed canaletto walnut counter teams with warm white Corian tops, inviting to a visual and tactile feast reminiscent of the traditional Venetian bacari. The walls come alive with an artwork born from collaboration with the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice, weaving a fabric-style optical allure that transforms the space into an art-infused sanctuary.

Enter the new Social Room, a versatile space designed for the essence of Aperol – socializing. Highlighted by a large oak table crafted from upcycled Venetian “bricole” and a 3D-printed lamp reminiscent of classic blown glass chandeliers, this room exudes dynamism and elegance. The walls, decorated with a hand-made wallpaper by Fortuny, evoke tactile sensations, enlarging the classic “Canestrello” pattern into a bespoke design. Luxuriant walls of preserved greenery, framed by blue Alcantara-upholstered panels, infuse vibrancy and warmth into the surroundings.

The Bar, with its large windows overlooking Campo Santo Stefano, remains the beating heart of Terrazza Aperol. Whether it’s a midday coffee or a post-dinner delight, this space is an ideal setting to savor the perfect Aperol Spritz while admiring the beauty of Venice. Vudafieri-Saverino Partners’ redesign of Terrazza Aperol is more than a mere renovation; it’s a celebration of tradition, innovation, and the timeless allure of the Italian aperitivo experience.

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