Enjoy These Instagrammable Cafes In Milan To Feel Milanese Vibe

Milan is considered to be the queen of marble, brass, formica, wood veneer and it can be seen in all the interiors and buildings entryways. You will see abundance of marble everywhere you go – from residential buildings to cafes, restaurants, museums. Usually Milan is imagined as luxury shopping city and it is true. But there are many other interesting events like Milan Design Week, Fuorisalone, Fashion Week and other events during which you are able to discover the city in another way. For example, during Milan Design Week the whole city becomes a museum. Thousands events happen during one week only, and usually closed historical places become available to visit for public.

During my stay in Milan I usually start my day with the best Cappuccino and cornetto while planning my day. For the lunch I usually stop to grab a bite like piadina (must try when in Milan!), then a gelato, more coffee, and finally, in the evening usually participate in some events and relax sipping Aperol-Spritz.

So let’s discover some instagrammable cafes in Milan to feel Milanese vibe!


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(Article updated in January 2024)

I Mirador

I Mirador, designed by talented rgastudiohosts a pool, lounge, cocktail bar, and a panoramic table. Water takes center stage, reflecting off the bar counter and pool. Hand-decorated ceramics, blue graphics, and lush greenery create a Mediterranean feel. Guests can relax on cushions, daybeds, or rust-colored sofas beneath the pergola, surrounded by eco-friendly materials and warm textures.

Ascend to the eighth floor for a rooftop wine bar and panoramic restaurant with a 360° skyline view. Circular compacted stone tiles create a textured central bar. This rooftop oasis includes a second dining area and a private lounge zone overlooking the pool.

PAN Milano

PAN, designed by Studio Wok, a collaboration between Chef Yoji Tokuyoshi and Alice Yamada, is not just a bakery, kitchen, and wine bar. It’s a cultural haven, bringing Japanese flavours to the community.

Architecturally, Pan reinvents the cityscape with chestnut wood-framed windows and galvanized sheet exteriors, blurring the lines between home and city life.

Inside, a neutral backdrop highlights standout elements—the bakery and bar counters, connected by a wooden bench. The bread counter, a green fiberglass masterpiece, harmonizes with noren drapes, creating a unique ambiance.

Carlo e Camilla in Segheria

In the heart of Milan, a 1930s sawmill is transformed into the captivating “Carlo e Camilla in Segheria” restaurant. Michelin-starred chef Carlo Cracco and art director Tanja Solci collaborated to bring a unique industrial-style charm to the interiors.

The space tells a story of its industrial past with exposed pillars, raw ceilings, and brick walls, beautifully complemented by curated pieces from design luminaries like Ron Arad and Ross Lovegrove. Huge vintage chandeliers add warmth and style, and a cross-shaped communal dining table takes center stage.


Let’s discover another stylish spot nestled in the heart of Milan, designed by talented MARGstudio.

A dominant yellow hue provides the backdrop for elements reminiscent of traditional Sicilian exteriors, carefully reimagined with a contemporary flair. Rattan material used for decor makes way for sleek metal mesh, and portals adorned with characteristic ceramics grace the walls, effortlessly merging tradition with modern sophistication. 

13.10 Ristorante

Designer Serena Confalonieri unveils her first interior design project—a 25-seat boutique restaurant near Milan, 13.10 Ristorante. Teaming up with chef Marcello Passoni, the space reflects Confalonieri’s lively style and Passoni’s gastronomic philosophy, emphasizing local ingredients and global influences.

The restaurant aims for a homely atmosphere, nestled in a courtyard with an intimate, informal layout. Warm, convivial interiors feature vibrant yet natural shades, eclectic patterns, and bespoke pieces, creating a welcoming ambiance.

Bun Burgers

Let’s discover the first cafe, designed by Spanish design studio Masquespacio. Situated in the Brera district the design for the space seeks to incorporate a more sophisticated look for the Bun’s fresh interior identity. As a difference with the previous Bun interiors, the new space uses 4 colours. This time although the palette is a bit less splashy to give it a more mature look and adapt it to the historic neighbourhood where the new Bun is located.

Ichi Station

Same like Bun Burgers, Ichi Station’s interior design was created by Valencian interior design studio Masquespacio. The project’s location deserves special mention, as it is housed within a century-old building situated on one of Milan’s historic streets. The previous design concept embraced arches and vaults, paying homage to the building’s original architectural style. However, a deliberate departure from traditional elements was undertaken, transforming the space into a contemporary sanctuary and a personal time capsule.

Drawing inspiration from the 1990s, Ichi immerses guests in an interstellar voyage, where light becomes the vessel for exploring its diverse and eclectic flavors.

The Manzoni

The Manzoni, created by Tom Dixon studio, has its own showroom, restaurant and the shop. This restaurant is more like an experiment, where the food is being served on a theatrical background. Although the restaurant showcases British design, but it represents Milanese vibe and values. It has well researched bold choice of materials like marble, brass, metals and wood, not to mention textures and colours. Totally worth a tour to see this instagrammable cafe in Milan!

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    Bar Luce

    If you visit Fondazione Prada, you can enjoy coffee with a dessert in this place, designed by Wes Anderson. Bar Luce recreates real Milanese cafe feeling by using veneered wood wall panels, formica furniture, floor as well as colour palette from the 1950s and 1960s.

    Motta Milano 1928

    District: Duomo

    Motta reopens inside the “Il Mercato del Duomo” flagship store. It offers a new concept of hospitality. Motta restaurant’s design is described as a “continuous flow of sensorial experiences connected to the gastronomic offer, to the architecture that envelopes it, and to the dynamism of the dismantled geometry of the marble floor, which climbs sculptural walls in mirrors and glass”. 

    When entering the space you can feel Milanese vibe as rounded retro counters with walnut and brass details, marble flooring, a brass clock, inspired by the 20s, and of course, a spectacular view of the Duomo.

    Gerry’s Bar

    District: Brera

    Gerry’s Bar is located in Brera district, within a “Grand Hotel et de Milan”. Interior design has been revisited by DimoreStudio, designers who respect history, tradition and modern living. You will be amazed by a spectacular choice of soft furnishings and antique details within this historic building.

    Caffè Fernanda

    District: Brera

    Caffe Fernanda, which is part of the reconstruction of Pinacoteca di Brera is designed by Rgastudio. Interior offers classic petrol blue colour on the walls, matched with walnut tables and a bar, as well as peachy marble on the floor. Besides seating inside, you can of course enjoy sunny terrace.

    Ristorante Teatro alla Scala il Foyer

    If you want to experience theatrical dining – Il Foyer, designed by Michael Vincent Uy, is for you. From the early morning up to the late night you can come and immerse yourself in a perfect blend refined design and theatrical interior.

    Which cafe/restaurant did you like the best?

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