Serena Confalonieri’s Loft In Milan: Tapestry of Design, Emotion and Adventure

In the heart of Milan’s dynamic Lambrate district, Italian designer Serena Confalonieri unveils her home – a captivating two-story loft in Milan, bathed in sunlight and brimming with the essence of her multifaceted spirit. This sun-kissed loft’s interior design transcends the boundaries of a mere physical space; it’s a kaleidoscopic reflection of Serena’s artistic soul and the extraordinary stories she weaves within its walls.

A Symphony of Curated Chaos

As you step across the threshold, you are immersed in an atmosphere of carefully curated chaos, where meticulously selected designer pieces from renowned brands like Wall&Decò, Wilson&Morris, Saba, and l’Opificio seamlessly blend with Serena’s personal creations and cherished souvenirs from her global journeys. This loft becomes a living canvas, a testament to Serena’s ironic personality and a haven filled with the warmth of cherished memories.

Vibrant mix of Lines and Volumes

This Milan loft‘s design is a masterful choreography of volumes, a dance of lines – both straight and curved – that redefines contemporary living. Verticality and depth intertwine, creating a space that is visually stunning and functionally fluid, where every element harmonizes to create a seamless yet striking aesthetic. The stylistic balance is evident throughout, shaping a home that celebrates individuality and embraces a modern way of life.

The fusion of materials is a testament to interior designer’s process. Concrete and wood meet in a poetic marriage of the imperturbable and the warm, creating a sense of both stability and comfort. Serena transforms the walls into vibrant canvases, using Wilson&Morris mural paints to infuse each area with blocks of color, adding depth and character to the already captivating space. This artistic touch transforms the loft into an immersive experience, where senses are awakened and imaginations are ignited.

The loft’s focal point is a sprawling open space, where the Pixel sofa by Saba invites to relax. Draped in the luxurious Loop fabric by l’Opificio, the sofa exudes comfort and style, while the custom wall unit covered in Alpi surfaces rises seamlessly, providing a canvas for Serena’s self-productions like the whimsical Calypso glasses and Nebula bongs. This living area is not just a place for gathering; it’s an inspiration hub, adorned with a colorful art wall that captures Serena’s creative spirit and sets the tone for a life filled with imagination and boundless possibilities.

Culinary Delights and Intimate Conversations

Connected to the living area, the kitchen seamlessly blends into the living space, creating a space culinary adventures and intimate conversations. Serena’s Zdora collection takes center stage, showcasing her design expertise and passion for functional yet stylish furniture. Baba armchairs from MyHomeCollection add a touch of comfort and elegance, while Serena’s Mata and Tropicana lighting collections illuminate the space with a touch of refined taste.

Personal Chronicles in Every Detail

Industrial shelving holds a treasure trove of Serena’s most cherished possessions, a testament to her global travels and adventurous spirit. A vintage Olivetti typewriter sits alongside pre-Columbian artifacts and a vase adorned with Lego flowers, each item telling a unique story and offering a glimpse into the designer’s multifaceted personality. These personal touches add an intimate touch to the loft, transforming it from a mere residence into a reflection of Serena’s soul.

As you ascend to the mezzanine level, the bedroom reveals itself, bathed in the warm glow of Serena’s Layla lamps. These sculptural lamps, with their delicate curves and soft illumination, cast a warm and inviting ambiance, creating an oasis of tranquility amidst the loft’s vibrant energy. A handcrafted bed and bedside tables add a touch of rustic charm, while a hidden walk-in closet, concealed by a blue and white striped curtain, adds a touch of whimsy to the intimate space.

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