5 Coffee Table Trends And Our Selected Pieces

Coffee table isn’t just a simple piece of furniture near your sofa. Coffee table should be considered as a key piece of your living room as it usually stands in the centre. Its mission, as a living room furniture, is to connect people around it, reflect the lifestyle of the inhabitants, to tell stories. A coffee table should not be a simple furniture to put things on – it should become an art object, an object of desire. Let’s discover coffee table trends and our selected pieces!

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Coffee tables with storage

Coffee tables with storage are simply amazing in smaller spaces or for people who don’t like clutter. You can store small electronics, magazines or a table game in it! While coffee tables with storage are usually not the best looking design-wise, so I’ve collected some really stylish ones that are really worth considering.

TIP: Release your inner creative! Do you have several side tables or some stylish coffee tables? Try mixing them together! They should be different height and shape in order to add some dynamics for interior. Mixing some smaller coffee tables and creating a composition is also trending and will be seen in more homes and hotels. You will have the freedom to mix and match different heights and colours, which sounds fun!

Coffee tables with multiple surfaces

We love these tables as they are not only practical, but act as an art object. The room would look beautiful even if there were no other furniture in the room except for this table. What’s amazing, is the easiness to decorate this type of table. You can put books on one surface, flowers on the other, while keeping your favourite drinks on the third surface.

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Coffee tables made of mirror

Mirror tables have power to enlarge any room as they reflect objects. These coffee tables are quite risky design wise, but if chosen wisely, it can become a centre of the room. 

Mirror coffee tables are perfect for small rooms as they reflect other objects and can literally disappear.

Side tables in living room 

Side tables in the living room are a must-have. You can easily decorate it with flowers, sculptures, or a nice table lamp. What’s more, they can perform not only a decorative function, but also a practical one. If the table is big enough, it can accommodate a drink, a laptop or any other daily object.

Playful tables

Every year furniture designers create more interesting coffee tables by using recycled materials as recycled plastic, terrazzo or even tiles. During Milan Design Week 2019 there were quite a lot of new materials presented so it’s very interesting what designers will create for 2023! While we are waiting for the new Milan Design Week edition and our trend report, recycled plastic, cork, terrazzo coffee tables are becoming more and more popular.

Which tables did you like the most?

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