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Lake Como Design Festival 2023 Celebrates Its 5th Edition!

The Lake Como Design Festival 2023 celebrates its fifth edition from September 16th to 24th in 2023, and invites you to explore breathtaking town Como as well as its surroundings through numerous exhibitions, meetings, immersive installations, and events. “Naturalis Historia,” the festival’s theme, pays homage to Pliny the Elder, born in Como in 23 AD. This year, the festival celebrates the author of a monumental encyclopedia that has endured as a fount of knowledge through the ages. Let’s discover together best installations and locations of Lake Como Design Festival 2023!

Lorenzo Butti, the festival’s founder and artistic director states: “This fifth edition of the Lake Como Design Festival is a significant milestone for us. It allows us to reflect on our journey with pride while inspiring us to look ahead.” Set against Como’s picturesque backdrop and guided by the theme ‘Naturalis Historia,’ the festival seeks to bridge the region’s rich artistic and cultural heritage with contemporary creativity across various disciplines, including design, art, architecture, craftsmanship, and literature.

“Back to Nature” presents a carefully curated selection of works, projects, objects, and furnishings spanning different eras and production techniques, all intimately connected to the natural world. This compelling exhibition unfolds in the opulent setting of Villa Olmo.

Hosted by the Municipality of Como at the Palazzo del Broletto, “The Other Animals” takes center stage as a collective exhibition, showcasing works, objects, and furnishings.

In the former Orsoline San Carlo Convent, “Between Art and Nature: Photographs from the Collection of Carla Sozzani,” curated by Maddalena Scarzella, offers a fresh perspective on the influence of nature. It presents 80 photographs from the permanent collection of the Sozzani Foundation in Milan, shedding light on nature’s role as an eternal source of inspiration, study, reference, veneration, estrangement, and solace.

“Stories of Fabrics,” housed in the captivating spaces of San Pietro in Atrio, is a curated selection of works by both national and international designers. These visionaries are united by their fervent spirit of research and experimentation in the field of natural and botanical manufacturing, encompassing agriculture, weaving, and the rediscovery of ancient production techniques.

Lake Como Design Festival 2023 celebrates the past, present, and future of creative expression while honouring Pliny the Elder’s enduring legacy. With Como as its stage, the festival invites guests to immerse themselves in a world of contemporary design.

Lake Como design festival, 5th edition, September 16-24

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