Discover Wallpaper Design Trends For 2023

Wallpaper is a powerful tool to create an instant mood in any space. Depending on a theme, it can tell a story, and can also connect with other objects in the room which share similar colour scheme. Wallpapers today are not only painted industrial wall coverings, that are created to hide your not-so-straight walls. Instead, more and more creators and designers from different fields, as sculpture, fashion design, textiles, embrace this new type of medium and collaborate with wallpaper brands to create breathtaking wallpapers. We cannot even call it as “Wall paper” anymore, as creators start using different materials – recycled, also natural ones like straw, bamboo etc.

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1. Floral wallpaper trend and maximalist patterns

Wallpaper brands use more and more gigantic flowers and botanical patters as the whole world continues embracing Biophilic design. I also see that some bold wall coverings are being framed as an artwork, which is also interesting to start with.

Designers Guild is a perfect example of floral wallpaper trend for 2023. Just take a look at some of these huge floral wallpapers:

2. Panoramic murals – landscapes, visual stories

Usually, wallpaper has a repeated pattern on every roll so the whole wall looks the same. You can find the same scenery multiple times. A wall mural, on the other hand, is a panoramic mural and has a unique scenery through the whole wall, like a landscape. Panoramic wall coverings are used on a large wall to tell the story. The pattern doesn’t repeat so it’s unique and more visually appealing. Panoramic wall murals are perfect for small rooms as laundry or restrooms, as well as they look amazing in bigger areas as bedrooms, dining areas etc.

Some of my favourite panoramic murals, which tell different stories are from brands as Degournay, Pepper Mint, Isidore Leroy etc.

Isidore Leroy, another French wallpaper company which I love, creates beautiful, dreamy wall murals without being kitch.

3. Ombre wallpaper trend

Ombre is a soft way to start using wallpaper if you are afraid of many colours or patterns. It usually looks like a watercolour artwork – soft and romantic.

4. Heritage and Trompe l’oeil wall murals

Trompe l’oeil is a type of image that makes you believe painted things exist, but they don’t. This may be a perfect wallpaper for those who would like to have a piece of super realistic Haussman style walls, or any other type of painted work. Because why not? Koziel, French wallpaper brand knows how to make Haussman trompe l’oeil for sure!

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5. Botanical wallpaper print – Inviting outside inside

During the last few years we have all experienced that connection to nature is super important in interior design. Biophilic design – it’s all about what we see, touch, feel, breathe and hear.

Morris&Co is one of the oldest traditional UK wallpaper brands founded in 1861 and is still one of the most influential ones in the industry. Another influential wallcoverings brand Graham Brown is founded in 1946 by Harold Graham and Henry Brown showcases that botanicals are going to be trendy in small spaces. And lastly, Casamance, French wallpaper designer brand which I’ve discovered recently, has many interesting botanical designs as well. One of my favourites “Mirissa”, which is a small coastal town in Southern Sri Lanka, where I’ve spent some wonderful time.

6. Crazy bold wallpaper patterns

Wallpaper trends in 2023 will include even more bold patterns, at least in commercial interiors as cafes, where the impact and first impression is needed the most. Brands, in order to stand out from the crowd and win client’s attention, will need to use power of trends and, with help of interior designers, to create an interesting interior. Here are some of my top bold pattern wallpapers:

Another this year’s discovery is Casamance wallpaper brand, which has some amazing bold wallapers.

How to create a visual story at home by yourself?

Experiment. Head to the nearest wallpaper and fabrics store and choose one bold, interesting and colourful wallpaper without thinking about the end result or how will it look in your home. If you are afraid of the scale, imagine that you’re looking for a postcard with art on it. Analyse which main colours exist in the wallpaper and choose 2 or 3 colours that will become your main colours in the room. Adapt 50-30-20% formula and think where you could add those colours in your room. It could be curtains, a bed frame, a rug, accent pillows, or even walls?

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