New Colour Inspired Restaurant in Milan: Ichi Station by Masquespacio

Let’s embark on a culinary adventure in the fashion capital of Milan, where Ichi’s visionary founder, Yango Zhang, aimed to elevate the dining experience with a remarkable new restaurant venture. Drawing inspiration from travel and railway stations that shaped Ichi’s previous restaurant spaces in Milan, Zhang sought to embrace a more innovative and conceptual approach, moving away from literal interpretations and conventional representations. It was this audacious vision that caught the attention of the award-winning Spanish design studio from Valencia, Masquespacio, prompting them to propose an extraordinary journey through light, transporting patrons of the restaurant in Milan into the realms of the future.


“With this futuristic aesthetic, we seized the opportunity to reflect the innovative sushi creations displayed on Ichi’s menu, brimming with tantalizing flavors and vibrant colors, carefully crafted by Yango in collaboration with the esteemed chef Haruo Ichikawa,” commented Ana Hernández, the creative director of Masquespacio.

The project’s location deserves special mention, as it is housed within a century-old building situated on one of Milan’s historic streets. The previous design concept embraced arches and vaults, paying homage to the building’s original architectural style. However, a deliberate departure from traditional elements was undertaken, transforming the space into a contemporary sanctuary and a personal time capsule.

Drawing inspiration from the 1990s, Ichi immerses guests in an interstellar voyage, where light becomes the vessel for exploring its diverse and eclectic flavors. Step aboard this futuristic spaceship of taste and embark on an extraordinary culinary odyssey.



As is customary in all Masquespacio projects, a unique language was crafted, enabling the development of a personalized identity complete with bespoke furniture pieces. Notably, the addition of illuminated glass tables enhances the dining experience, providing a touch of individuality for discerning patrons.




The selection of materials aimed to maintain simplicity and purity, employing glass and microcement to create harmonious surfaces reminiscent of the spacecraft that Ichi aspires to emulate. However, the pièce de résistance lies within the second half of the restaurant, where the ceiling has been lowered to its maximum extent, revealing a mesmerizing half-sphere tunnel to the future. Within this captivating passage, guests can observe live performances by Ichi’s skilled sushi chefs, further immersing themselves in this sensorial expedition.

Lastly, an indirect LED lighting system with a range of RGB colors was incorporated, skillfully transforming the ambiance to suit the time of day, lending an ethereal and ever-changing atmosphere to the dining space.

Masquespacio’s transformative design for Ichi Station Milan not only elevates the culinary experience but also transports guests on a remarkable voyage through time and light. Embark on this extraordinary adventure and discover the extraordinary fusion of gastronomy and futuristic aesthetics that awaits within.


Project information:

Surface: 80 m2 

Opening: December 2022

Construction Manager: Luca Gobbo






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