Middle East Inspired Restaurant in Valencia LIVING BAKKALI Combines Mediterranean Modernism With Curvy Design And Craftsmanship

Masquespacio, award-winning Valencian interior design firm, creating innovative and colourful interior design, presents its latest restaurant project for Living Bakkali in Valencia, Spain. Inspired by the Middle Eastern architecture and surrounding deserts, it invites to “live sensorial experiences” not only the palate, but also vision and tact. 

Valencia has numerous restaurants in Mediterranean style

The brief was to recreate a feeling as if you were in the middle of the mysterious Oriental dream. The restaurant is divided into several parts which offer different moods. 

“Tribute to the unknown and marvelous world to be discovered in the East” – Masquespacio

Masquespacio recreated small corners with comfortable lounge seats that imitate traditional cozy Oriental seating. There is a space for different tastes, guests can see restaurant’s life through the small arches and openings that remind of narrow Oriental town streets. While other spaces are divided by curtains that incorporate private dining room and a bathroom.

This restaurant design also reminds of Modern Mediterranean Design style, as designers used a lot of natural materials and a soft colour palette.

The color palette is soft, neutral and calm, reminds of a desert – sand and sunset, and nothing else.

We can see that designers have used Tadelakt to cover the whole space from ceiling to flooring, mixing with straw, velvet, brass and wood. Space is full of striking human craftsmanship and curves. They are also similar to the old Oriental curvy houses built by hand.

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Client: Living Bakkali (https://livingbakkali.com)
Instagram: @livingbakkali 
Address: Carrer de Xile, 9, 46021 València, España
Design:Masquespacio  (http://www.masquespacio.com
Instagram: @masquespacio_ana 
Instagram: @masquespacio_chris 
Photography: Sebastian Erras
Surface: 150 m2 
Opening: October 2021

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