Sustainable Boutique hotel Casona Sforza in Puerto Escondido completely Surrounded By Nature

Nestled on a peaceful land near Puerto Escondido, Mexico and surrounded by golden sands of the Pacific Coast and La Barra de Colotepec, Casona Sforza presents a one-of-a-kind architectural experience of a vernacular tradition and sustainable luxury. This sustainable boutique hotel definitely stands out by its unusual, industrial look and Biophilic interior design approach to be completely surrounded by nature. What’s more, it also takes part into local community development. 

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Conceived by the entrepreneur Ezequiel Ayarza Sforza and commissioned from the renowned Mexican architect Alberto Kalach, the property offers multiple asymmetric structures which blend perfectly with the landscape. The vaults and arches are made using ancient techniques which withstand time. Love how deep red looks perfectly in fron of the sand and the ocean.

Beautiful pendant macrame and straw lamps in this vault add so much coziness.

While staying in this wonderful eco-friendly refuge, located near the delta which meets the Pacific, guests can enjoy the raw and untouched nature, the essence of natural beauty of mangroves, cypresses and many other plants that grow here.

Interior furniture and accessories are made by talented local craftsmanship. For example textiles come from Oaxaca Valley, rugs from Teotitlán del Valle, hammocks, curtains and chairs from Yucatán and palm lamps from Veracruz. Not to mention breathtaking potters, cabinetmakers, farmers and beekeepers who also participate in creation of this gem in the middle of untouched landscape.

Colourful local textiles complemented by luxury wood look striking in a neutral colour palette.

There are eleven vaulted suites in total which offer a bohemian aesthetic style, mixed with neutral colours, luxurious tropical wood and, of course, panoramic views to the Ocean or the pool.

All the suites are spacious and airy, offering a magnificent experience for the curious of craftsmanship, textures and the mix different interior techniques. We can see that the walls contrast perfectly with the bathtub created using special ancient technique.

And why not taking a nap in a hammock with the view to the Ocean?

Bathrooms are made of a natural material using special local technique, contrasting well with local bricks and cement.

During the stay, guests can enjoy farm-to-table restaurant concept, which adds extra points to this unique boutique hotel and correlates with hotel’s values.

Circular shape swimming pool invites to plunge from any place.

Casona Sforza is also a perfect place for the lovers of active resting – it offers its visitors yoga and surf sessions, holistic massages, and natural activities that allow them to to venture into the destination.


Conceptualization and development: Ezequiel Ayarza Sforza
Architecture: Taller de Arquitectura X / Alberto Kalach
Interior Design: Ezequiel Ayarza Sforza y MOB Studio
Contractor/Builder: Efraín Salinas

Photography credits: Alex Krotkov

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