Mexico City based A-G Studio designed a vibrant and rich in details and colourful tiles boutique hotel Casa Hoyos, located in a colourful city of San Miguel de Allende. The property belongs to the Hoyos family, who have owned it for four generations, being a first currency exchange bureau in town in the beginning of the 20th Century.

Design Stay - Rich With Mexican Craftsmanship And Colourful Tiles Boutique Hotel Casa Hoyos By A-G Studio

“Yellow predominates in the palette; this main color is seen in glazed clay tiles that, placed in a certain way, symbolize a corn cob.”

As the hotel layout is concentric, all the boutique hotel spaces are located around the patio. When entering the courtyard, we can see Andalusian style balconies, black tiled arches with salmon and yellow colour tiles, “representing the belly of the snakes that make up the Hoyos family heraldic shield.”

“Salmon-colored clay tiles are found in the inner part of the arches that surround the courtyard — representing the belly of the snakes that make up the Hoyos family heraldic shield”

The building is preserved, so A-G Studio designed Casa Hoyos keeping history in mind. We can find multiple allusions to what used to happen in this family owned house hundred years ago. We can see a “mural of a Sorrowful Virgin of Loreto through the arches, made and hand-painted in glazed Talavera”. The pink console, earlier served as a bank counter, together with tiled virgin and black lamps, create an altar.

Designers repurposed a lot of the furniture pieces and preserved architectural details. This could be a reminder that every furniture piece with a history makes a place more unique and interesting, maybe even an object of curiosity.

Red lampshades as well as other decor pieces are designed by the Mexican artist Melissa Ávila, not to forget other local artists who contributed to Casa Hoya, as Isaac Cruz, Paloma Layseca, Andrea Flores and Lucía Soto.

Another boutique hotel decor features are plaster pots decorated with mirror fragments, which is one of the interpretations of “those that originally decorated the house.”

A-G Studio created every single furniture exclusivelly for Casa Hoyos in all the 16 hotel rooms. Hotel suites’ walls are decorated in soft peach colour, which are complemented by black, burnt orange, light wood, rattan pieces and local artwork.

Photo credits: Diego Padilla for A-G studio

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