Have you ever wondered why 5-star hotel bedroom rooms are so comfortable and are good to be in? A bedroom is where you spend most of your life without even realising it. So shouldn’t it be a comfortable, relaxing and a calming retreat where you relax and prepare for your next day? Let’s discuss some home bedroom design ideas that could make your own bedroom a luxury retreat where you can relax and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

5-Star Hotel Bedroom At Home Tip #1: Layout

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture which looked amazing in a furniture shop but when you tried placing it in your room, it just didn’t fit? That’s why the most important step in interior design is planning, zoning and measuring. The best hotels in the world spend years to plan and test what works and what don’t. Before you start going to the furniture shops and creating your 5-star hotel bedroom, you can take a piece of paper and plan your vision there. It will help you to see the space from the bird’s view and explore how you can possibly place your furniture within the room. Think of where you can fit the bed first as it is the biggest furniture piece. It should be either the longest uninterrupted wall or the one which you see from the entrance. Then you can place bedside tables, a wardrobe, maybe even an armchair or a footstool for the ultimate comfort. And don’t be afraid to experiment – what if you placed your bed between 2 windows?

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5-Star Hotel Bedroom At Home Tip #2: Creating A Bedroom Colour Scheme

Most people tend to choose neutrals like white, grey or creme because these are the safest colours. But have you ever thought that you will get bored with the neutrals more than having a nice colour or a print you really love? Don’t be afraid of looking for something inspirational as your bedroom colour scheme even if it is a quite difficult task. Think about what colours you love the most. 

Experiment. Head to the best wallpaper and fabrics store and choose one colourful wallpaper without thinking about the end result. Analyse which colours exist and choose 2 to 3 colours that will become your guide. Adapt 50-30-20% formula and think where you could add those colours in your bedroom. It could be curtains, a bed frame, a rug, accent pillows, or maybe walls?

Extra tip: a wall colour is the last thing you should choose, as it links all the colours in the room.

5-Star Hotel Bedroom At HomeTip #3: Soft Bedroom Lighting

Ir order to get a good night sleep, we need to have soft bedroom lighting as an indirect warm light in our bedrooms before going to sleep. Warm light imitates sunset light and our bodies start creating melatonin which is responsible for a good nights sleep. The best result could be achieved if you added at least 3 light sources – the main light, bedside lamps, floor lamp, a hidden LED, which give indirect, soft light etc.


5-Star Hotel Bedroom At Home Tip #4: Abstract Artwork

As the wall where your bed stands is your main accent wall, you can add more drama by placing artwork above the bed. Abstract art is a great choice because it creates the best statement and can easily match and complement the colour scheme. You can also use your favourite artwork as an inspiration for your bedroom colour palette.

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© Interior design: Aida Sniraite, Paris

5-Star Hotel Bedroom At Home Tip #5: Comfortable Mattress 

Have you ever wondered why 5-star hotel room is so comfortable? They choose the best mattress for their beds, so should you. However, choosing a mattress is very individual. So going to specialised shops and trying them out would be a perfect idea so that you choose the one that is the most comfortable for you.

5-Star Hotel Bedroom At Home Tip #6: Best Textile You Yan Afford

As your sleep quality affects your next day’s mood and wellbeing, it is important to choose the best products that have direct contact with your skin. Five-star hotel bedrooms have the most comfortable mattresses and luxurious, soft, best quality bed textiles. Would it be a rug underneath your feet, bed sheets, bedspreads, throws, it is important to choose quality products made of natural materials. So getting the best bed sheets you can afford is a great choice in terms of budget planning.

Thread count is not really the main factor, it’s more important to feel the overall weight of the sheet set, as well as the softness of the material. Some people love silk, others prefer bamboo, Tencel, linen or sateen. Have a preference for natural materials as polyester will make you sweat and feel uncomfortable.

A rug in the bedroom is also a great investment. You can add a small runner under your feet or choose a big perimeter rug, everything depends on your budget. If you decide on placing a big rug, it should be big enough to cover two-thirds of your bed and cover some perimeter around it.

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5-Star Hotel Bedroom At Home Tip #7: Don’t Let Sun To Disturb Your Sleep

The best hotels use blackout curtains for the best night’s sleep. As important as the indirect lighting which we have discussed earlier, blackout curtains let you sleep without being disturbed by early sun rays. Like this, you wake up when you need to and not when the sun starts to shine.

5-Star Hotel Bedroom At Home Tip #8: Make your Bedroom Smell Divine

It is a perfect way to calm your mind and create a perfect atmosphere without travelling. I prefer choosing scents made of natural ingredients which don’t irritate you. I love lavender scent, it has also some calming features which is great for good night sleep.

2020/21 Bedroom Trends @Milan Design Week. Credit: Aida Sniraite
2020/21 Bedroom Trends @Milan Design Week. Credit: Aida Sniraite
2020/21 Bedroom Trends @Milan Design Week. Credit: Aida Sniraite

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