Easy Bedroom Decorating Tips To Follow

Decorate A Bedroom Architectural Digest Would Photograph

Decorate A Bedroom Architectural Digest Would Photograph - Easy Bedroom Decorating Tips To Follow

After a long day at work, you come home, prepare your dinner, watch TV or read some Social Media, talk with family or friends, and, all tired, go to your bedroom.
But. Is your bedroom prepared for a long night sleep? Do you feel rejuvenated there in the morning? Is it clutter-free? Are your sheets great quality? Do you have an appropriate lighting set up that could help you relax faster?
I hear some voices… I can imagine what you are thinking right now. You nod your head after each sentence. So, I am sure that this blog post is just for you. In the next minutes you are going to learn how to decorate a bedroom that Architectural Digest would photograph. Are you ready for some discoveries?
Your bedroom is THE place where all the problems should be left behind the door. It should be your temple, your magic place where your mind shuts down and there is no outer world left. There is no clutter, the lighting is set properly, your sheets are the best of the best you can find.

How to decorate a bedroom #1: Go Dark And Moody

Don’t be afraid to use moody and dark colours when decorating your bedroom. You can choose dark statement colour paint ant wall coverings patterns that create drama. (I hear your talking everyone’s choosing beige and white for calming effects!) I can say, that after spending years and years in white bedroom, all my brain needs is some privacy and darkness. Nowadays paint colours are such great quality that you can remodel your bedroom in one weekend.

How to decorate a bedroom #2: Bed Sheets You Want To Dive In

When I travelled to China for the first time back in 2007, I had some friends who guided me through the city. Being interested in interior design, I went to an amazing mall full of beautiful bed sheets collections. It was so luxurious and plenty of everything, that I told myself that I will have my small shop of nice objects in the nearest future. And the dream became true! I have brought as much things as I could in my small luggage. I tried all the bedding and the quality was fantastic. Lithuania didn’t have that kind of quality and design.
Decorate A Bedroom Architectural Digest Would Photograph - Bedroom decor ideas, Bedroom makeover, bedroom design tips, interior design ideas

I lived in Moscow for near a year in 2013. I bought bed sheets for nearly 20 euros so that I could not worry about taking my expensive sheets there. It was my biggest mistake… These bed sheets lasted…not even one wash. Colours had bleached, fabric became anything but nice. So I understood that greatest quality sheets are really worth the price…

So my conclusion was to use the best quality for objects that are close to your skin, would it be pyjama or bedding. Because as we know, we already spend 1/3 of our lives in beds. That’s why we really need some softness, great quality that can exist not only in the fairy tales.

Today you can choose from endless materials. But I however prefer eco friendly Egyptian Cotton or Bamboo bedding sheets. They are extra soft, its colours are nice, and the most important, these sheets are very very durable. It is not something you buy every year but it’s totally worth it. It’s an investment for your health and well being.

How to decorate a bedroom #3: Choose Statement Object

I love details. I love something that reminds me of: travelling, childhood, special person. You can start either with some statement wall covering, a headboard, a colourful antique/design armchair or some nice textured cushions if you are afraid for big changes.

How to decorate a bedroom #4: Create Relaxed Atmosphere With Lighting

As an interior designer I can say that it is very very important to have your lighting done by a specialist. It not only adds warmth to your room, but it can enlarge or shrink your room. First of all you should decide on your furniture plan, then you can move to the lighting plan. You should have these lights:
Main light (for cleaning);
Accent light on both sides of your bed. It can be hung from the ceiling or it can be a nightstand lamp. It creates calming atmosphere.
Some other accent lamp near armchair or in opposite side of the room. It can be also put on your window or it can be a reading lamp.

What bedroom are you sleeping in? Is it bold? Light? Scandinavian? Rustic?
Waiting for your comments here! And let’s connect on Faceboooook!

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