So you came from holidays where the warm weather, sea and multiple relaxing factors were making you happy. But you come home, and…it’s uninviting, it does not motivate you to work or even get up in the mornings? There’s a remedy. Let’s create the most blissful SPA bathroom ever because you feel that your body needs some royal treatment. Your bathroom becomes not only a place to brush your teeth, it is a room that should be treated with love. I’ve picked you some easy ways how to do it!

Of course, the first thing before accessorising the bathroom is to renovate it well. For the best comfort you’ll need a comfortable vanity and a mirror, sufficient space in your shower and great quality shower panels or a shower with the waterfall effect (this will definitely bring you to the jungle with all these jet features!..). I can imagine, you’d really love to be right here, right? You can have with this upgrade by calling your plumber.

YOUR GUIDE TO BLISSFUL SPA BATHROOM UPDATE Today, let’s talk about accessories!

Your Guide To Blissful Spa Bathroom #1: BEAUTIFUL STORAGE

Beautiful storage is an important part of a finished blissful bathroom. Today the market offers a wide range of boxes and storages. It can be rattan/bamboo baskets where you can throw your dirty laundry away or put anything you wish to hide from curious eyes. Here’s a nice example of a peaceful bathroom. Baskets have been placed under the vanity, and it looks really awesome. Baskets can easily create an exotic atmosphere. Wouldn’t you love to be taken to Bali right now? I know, me too!

There’s a nice basket I found for you! (link under the picture)

Your Guide To Blissful Spa Bathroom #2: CANDLES & SCENTS

When preparing your bathroom for an exotic SPA retreat, you need to have a dozen of candles to create that Zen atmosphere. Besides that, you should also think how do you want your bathroom to smell like. Would you like some Ambra scent? Fresh sea or some exotic fruit Fragrances that take you far far away from your home. Normally I put some water and several drops (not too much, 2-3 drops will be good for a bathroom!) of essential oil into my warmer.

Your Guide To Blissful Spa Bathroom #3: TOWELS

Soft, fluffy, organic towel set is essential to your perfect bathroom. One of the best towels are made of Egyptian Cotton or Turkish ones you can see in the photo, which are my favourite. Tama Towels produce really nice towels. It reminds me of the patterns found at sunny and magnificent streets of Istanbul.

Your Guide To Blissful Spa Bathroom #4: NICE DISPENSERS

Having all generic shampoo and shower gel bottles in your bathroom is not so romantic. So why you don’t just swap them and put nice bottles that you can buy at a low price anywhere in stores? Also, you can buy luxury body wash once and then refill the bottle with whatever you want. Nice, right?

Your Guide To Blissful Spa Bathroom #5: SOFT RUG

What more can you do when preparing your bathroom for a SPA retreat? I could suggest you choosing some bath mats and rugs that which softness will take you over the moon. Tribal and natural bath mats are very popular nowadays. They are worth every penny because every rug or bath mat is totally unique, colourful and handmade. I love Moroccan bath mats that are made of 100% wool. Sheep are treated really well, they live and move freely in the Atlas mountains. are happy with life and their wool quality is fantastic. Also, if cleaning is not a problem, just take a look at this amazing bathroom and the shaggy rug under your feet!

Your Guide To Blissful Spa Bathroom #6: COMFORTABLE SEATING

The last thing you’d love to have in your bathroom is a nice armchair or even a daybed where you can sit down and relax before or after your beauty treatment. Daybeds were popular in the Roman Empire, India, and today it’s popular worldwide. Loft Kolasinski, Polish talented architects created this stunning bathroom with a day bed incorporated. Minimal but effective!

And what about having a hanging chair in the bathroom?

  I’m looking for artists, creator, beautiful retail space/homeowners, please write me a message and maybe I’ll feature you on my blog!