Discover These Beautiful Designer Beach Clubs In Europe For 2023

There’s nothing better than enjoying summertime at the beach. That’s why luxury fashion houses as Jacquemus, Dior or Valentino create stylish beach clubs instead of pop-up stores that redefine opulence and sophistication. Beach club is a perfect tool to bond and strengthen the connection between the brand and the customer. Stylish beach clubs attract certain clientele – the ones who seek both sun and sea along with a touch of luxury and exclusivity. Let’s hop on and discover 8 stylish and beautiful beach clubs in Europe in 2023.

Café Dior in Lake Como: A Summertime Retreat

The captivating allure of Lake Como continues to unfold, as Café Dior embraces an ambiance of remarkable beauty. With spectacular toile de Jouy parasols and chaises longues from the Dioriviera collection curated by Maria Grazia Chiuri, the café becomes a haven of exquisite design. Every detail within this dazzling setting is meticulously adorned with house details, including the iconic Christian Dior signature jet that graces the sparkling pool floor. Here, guests can bask in moments of relaxation, cooling off and enjoying breathtaking vistas of Como Lake that surround them. The Café Dior at Lake Como incorporates the essence of elegance and sophistication, offering a serene retreat for those seeking a blend of fashion and breathtaking landscapes.

Valentino takes over Amalfi Coast

Palazzo Avino, a luxurious five-star hotel situated along the renowned Amalfi coast in Italy, has joined forces with Maison Valentino for an extraordinary “Summer Beach Takeover” experience. This exclusive collaboration revolves around Valentino’s latest capsule collection, Escape 2023. The fashion house has ingeniously transformed Palazzo Avino’s Clubhouse by the Sea, infusing it with custom-made furniture that includes stylish deckchairs and elegant beach umbrellas, all adorned in Valentino’s iconic shade of red. Every piece of furniture exudes the unmistakable essence of the brand. Furthermore, guests can indulge in a unique boutique nestled within the hotel’s grounds, offering a curated selection of exquisite pieces from the Escape 2023 collection. This unparalleled partnership between Palazzo Avino and Valentino promises an unforgettable fusion of luxury, fashion, and the breathtaking beauty of the Amalfi coast.

DG Resort by Dolce&Gabbana

This summer, Dolce&Gabbana takes you on a journey of Italian finesse and impeccable craftsmanship, gracing exclusive beach clubs across Europe. Immerse yourself in the splendid locations of Capri, Taormina, Marbella, and St. Tropez, where you can fully experience and explore their captivating collections. From the captivating shores of Capri to the enchanting ambiance of Taormina, these beach clubs serve as the perfect backdrop for indulging in the allure of Dolce&Gabbana’s iconic creations. Let yourself be transported to a world of sophistication and refinement, where each piece showcases the brand’s dedication to timeless fashion and unforgettable style.


Vibrant Vibes at Jacquemus Beach

Nestled in the idyllic surroundings of Ramatuelle, the Jacquemus beach, formerly known as Indie Beach, epitomizes the aesthetic vision and style of the renowned fashion designer. It emerges as a sanctuary where fashion aficionados, beach enthusiasts, and those who appreciate the finer things in life can all find solace. As the crystal-clear turquoise waters provide a visual contrast, they mirror the radiant hues of Jacquemus’ Été collection, imbuing the atmosphere with an undeniable warmth and vitality.

Dioriviera: A Delightful Pop-up Experience at Shellona Beach

At Shellona Beach, Dior has transformed the entire club with its iconic Toile de Jouy motif. The pink-grey color palette pays tribute to Christian Dior’s love for French savoir-faire. It’s a feast for the eyes and a celebration of the brand’s heritage.

Italian Charm at Loulou by Gucci

Gucci has made its way to the South of France. As part of their collaboration with Loulou Ramatuelle, the entire beach club is now infused with an Italian touch. The umbrellas, sun loungers, towels, and upholstery are all adorned with the brand’s logo and traditional striped patterns. Stepping into this space is like stepping into the enchanting landscape of Italy.

Blu Mediterraneo by Dolce & Gabbana In Taormina

At Palazzo San Domenico in Taormina, Dolce & Gabbana has created a stunning pool area that captures the essence of the Blu Mediterraneo experience. It’s a place where guests can indulge in the allure of the Italian sea and immerse themselves in luxury and Mediterranean charm.

Fendi in Marbella, Puente Romano Beach Resort

Celebrating the grand opening of their new boutique at Puerto Banús, Fendi embraces the Puente Romano Beach Club in all its glory. The elegant space comes alive with vibrant prints and colors that are characteristic of the Maison, adorning the furniture, cushions, and textiles to create a truly unique and inviting area. Here, guests can unwind and bask in relaxation while savouring sensational drinks. Positioned just in front of the Chiringuito, the beach emanates a laid-back ambiance, with Bali beds, beach chairs, and cabanas setting the perfect holiday mood. In honor of this momentous occasion, Fendi will also set up a special Pop-Up store near the Chiringuito, showcasing the latest collection’s key items alongside the Maison’s iconic pieces.

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