Charming Boutique Hotel In Morocco: Maison Brummell Majorelle By Bergendy Cooke

Maison Brummell Majorelle is a boutique hotel in Morocco, inspired by the enchanting Arabic architectural elements. Architect’s Bergendy Cooke’s vision was to create a harmonious blend of cultural influences while infusing a touch of contemporary flair. Drawing inspiration from the majestic Marrakech Medina, designer paid homage to the ancient rampart walls, which have withstood the test of time. The design emulates the solidity of these historic structures, creating a sense of strength and grandeur. Just like a meticulously crafted sandcastle, this boutique hotel welcomes you through a series of thoughtfully designed openings that serve as a transition into a private sanctuary.

Within the confines of the building, deep recesses come to life, which not only provide privacy to the bedrooms but also serve as intimate havens, where one can retreat to a world of tranquility. Some of these recesses seamlessly merge with private terraces, extending the living space of the bedrooms and creating a harmonious connection with the surrounding gardens.

Morocco’s rich artisanal heritage
led designers to embrace local craftsmanship and materials, incorporating them into a context that breaks away from tradition. The exterior walls of the recesses are adorned with the lustrous finish of Tadelakt, a polished plaster technique that defines the transition between spaces. In contrast, the rough Pisé exterior finish adds a touch of raw authenticity. The versatile beauty of terrazzo, available in shades of grey and pink, gracefully adorns both the interior and exterior, effortlessly defining spaces and giving rise to exquisite basins and baths within the bedrooms. To further enhance the seamless flow between the interior and exterior, handmade Bejmat tiles grace the lower public spaces, extending their allure to the terrace.

Venture into this architectural marvel, spanning three awe-inspiring floors. The lower floor, nestled almost a storey below ground level, serves as the vibrant hub of public space. Here, a lounge area, dining room, and a fully equipped kitchen seamlessly blend with inviting outdoor spaces and a refreshing pool. Guests can pay a visit to the traditional Hammam, a sanctuary of relaxation featuring its own plunge pool adorned with local marble and water-resistant Tadlelakt finishes.

Promising location near the renowned Majorelle Gardens and the recently established YSL Museum, demanded meticulous attention to detail. The ground level greets you with a reception area, a cozy lounge, and three exquisite “Garden” bedrooms, each boasting its own private garden and outdoor bathing oasis. Ascend to the first floor, where five additional bedrooms, each with its own private terrace, await. To avoid the monotony often found in traditional hotels, each bedroom of Maison Brummell Majorelle boutique hotel showcases its unique charm, making every guest’s experience truly exceptional.

The Tadlelakt technique extends its allure to the interior walls and ceilings, offering a bone-colored canvas that showcases sinuous forms and an organic aesthetic. Terrazzo, with its versatile nature, takes center stage on the upper floors, serving as a defining element for bedroom walls while transforming into elegant bathroom sinks and enhancing all wet areas. Shades of grey and pink interplay harmoniously, creating a captivating visual symphony. The same grey terrazzo finds its place within the pool, adding a touch of contemporary elegance to the aquatic oasis.

Step onto the Garden floor, a realm of enchantment that extends to the terrace. Handmade Bejmat tiles, crafted with utmost care and artistry, grace the floors, infusing the space with warmth and character. These tiles become a seamless bridge, connecting the indoors with the outdoors, blurring the boundaries between nature and artistry. Local limestone adorns the pool surround, creating a serene backdrop that enhances the tranquility of the space.

Meticulous attention to detail extends to every facet of the design, including the windows and doors. Locally made steel joinery, a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of the region, provides a timeless elegance that frames the architectural wonders within. The entry door, a gateway to a world of wonder, boasts the luxurious touch of brass, welcoming guests with a hint of opulence.

PROJECT TEAM: Bergendy Cooke with (Marrakech team) Amine Abouraoui of Amine Abouraoui  Architects including: Wafa Bassiouni, Soumia Ghazi, Oumaima Faraj



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