One of my design obsessions are Juju hats. Wait, Juju what? It’s African design element. “For hundreds of years the Bamileke tribes have been creating these hats for their tribal chiefs, royal families and dignitaries to wear during tribal ceremonies.”  Juju hats in Cameroun signifies prosperity and wealth.

They are made of chicken or other birds feathers and dyed naturally. It takes about 3 days to complete a hat, so it is luxurious decor element.

Juju Juju hats add lots of volume and makes every space just beautiful and is a must-have in every interior. Even if it’s kind of a trend right now, but I love Juju hats because of their simplicity to fill up the space. They are gorgeous, luxurious. They can be hung alone as a focal piece (above the headboard, sofa or the fireplace) or a whole Juju hat wall installation (mixing colours and sizes). Juju hats are perfect for those who cannot decide which artwork to hang.

Just take a look the different decorating ideas with Juju hat I found for you. What’s great about this decor piece, is that they fit into absolutely every interior style! Isn’t it amazing?

By the way, during Maison&Objet January 2017 in Paris I met amazing trades who offer amazing quality Juju Hats and you can order it from me.

Juju Hats Are What You Need For Your Interior - Authentic Interior Blog

2 – Josep Mª Vives Sanromà

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