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Hi! I’m Aida [eye-ee-da], the owner of Authentic Interior design and decorating studio & blog, the ambassador of No Beige Interiors. 

My mission is to help you to create your dream place.

"Authentic Interior" - international interior design blog and interior design studio owned by Aida Sniraite


The first question would be, is this design studio for you?

Do you feel like you want more than a boring home that all your neighbours and friends have?

Or maybe you are a business owner and want to leverage it to another dimension? You’re in the right place. 

You are a homeowner.

You are ready to start your life in a home created regarding your needs and wishes. What a feeling to live in a custom-made place, that is adapted for all your clothes, memories, entertaining, cooking, reading, working… The list can go on.

You are a professional.

You are looking for attracting more customers to your boutique / hotel / restaurant but you have no idea where to start. As you may have noticed, design plays a big role in increasing your revenue. I hear you asking, how?.. Imagine your clients coming to your beautiful space and, obviously, taking photos of your well-presented food and of the place, then they post photos to some social media platforms and share amongst friends.

“Authentic Interior” design studio will help you with:

“About Authentic” Interior design studio

Authentic Interior design studio, founded by Aida Sniraite in 2015 in Lithuania, now relocated in Lyon, France, creates homes and public spaces that fit client needs. Her clients are busy entrepreneurs, travelers, open-minded, creative and people, business owners (restaurant, Airbnb, rental, real estate investors, shop owners…) who want to have a laidback interior design journey. All interiors are bespoke and carefully curated.


About Aida, the owner and designer of “Authentic Interior”

My interior design journey started when I was 2. I used to build fake paper homes with the things I could find around. Still, at university, I founded my photography business, worked as well at communication, business consulting and social media firms. Only later I decided to finally pursue my real passion that I’ve been preparing for almost all my life still being at school. I enrolled at the prestigious KLC School of Design, then opened my interior design practice. I had the opportunity to help homeowners to have their new homes in Lithuania, France, UK, Portugal, Switzerland.

I spend countless hours analysing your needs. I am your psychologist and advocate. Most of the clients say at the beginning of our design session: “We want something neutral and bright and simple and functional so that we can live there for 10-15 years without doing any major works”. No no no. I wouldn’t advise you to think this far. Your home should evolve with you so the interior should reflect the real you.

After some time spent chatting I usually discover that you are colourful, interesting and inspiring person. You starve for originality and functionality. You don’t want to end up with grey/beige interior that does not match your inner you. You don’t want a place that would fit both aunt Mary and your neighbour Lisa. You want your own unique weird place, not the one for your neighbour.

As you may have understood, interior design is not only about picking beautiful things. It is about putting beautiful things together that match your personality, not mine.

North inspires me by its clean lines, uncluttered but warm and cozy spaces, the use of contrasting materials, the power to connect the interior with exterior. The South, its colourfull villages, warm colours, Camargue, life outside invites me to add more plants, warmer colours, play with texture. Large cities inspire me by its industrial street vibe and some statement pieces.


About “Authentic Interior” blog

Founded in 2017 by interior designer Aida Sniraite, this blog is the place for non-boring interiors that are inspired by Southern colours, Northern lines and mood. Authentic Interior has been named as one of top 5 trending interior blogs of 2018. I write only topics and experiences that I lived myself, my inspirations, my design travels, and my picks.


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