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The key to great design is to capture client’s character and lifestyle to create a unique, timeless and playful home that is great and comfortable to live in.


Authentic Interior design studio’s, owned by Aida Sniraite, credo is to deliver inspirational interiors that fully reflect clients’ lifestyle. We take time to analyze our clients’ aesthetic and lifestyle needs so that every project we curate is 100% unique. Our clients’ profiles are very different – from entrepreneurs, travelers, extreme sports addicts, to families and empty nesters based worldwide.

We do work with all budgets and offer a wide range of design services for every clientèle  – from DIY’ers who prefer to invest into an eDesign project to avoid costly mistakes, to full service interior design projects where clients prefer going on vacation rather than taking risky decisions by themselves. Please contact us and we’ll discuss your project and offer our best design services package.

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Colour consultation

Online or face-to-face

You’ve been wondering what colour to paint your walls so that your space doesn’t become as boring and beige as your neighbour’s? We know how colour is important in interiors and what impact it makes in both commercial and residential interior design. That’s why it is crucial to analyse your personality and choose the colour palette that reflects you or your business. Choosing colours for business can affect sales, and I know how to do it.

We do offer colour consultation online. After analysing your personality we do create a moodboard with the perfect colour palette.





Interior Design Online

Our Interior Design Online service is 100% custom and is different from other extra cheap interior design services offered online. The main difference is that we do not try to sell any furniture or accessories. We are an independent interior design studio and we love many different brands. If you choose to work with Authentic Interior, you will get a custom, well-curated design for your home or commercial space.


Ready-to-use interior room design packages!

We do offer ready to use design packages within a budget. It will include a moodboard, paint colours, textiles and clickable shopping list at an affordable price. More information soon…


Interior Design Workshops

We are going to organise interior design workshops. Have any topic ideas? Please let me know!



How we work:


The design process begins with a free scheduled call to discuss client’s needs, vision and what solutions we can bring to a design project. We explain the design process and how we can help.


After the initial call we arrange a meeting to sign the agreement, or, based on clients wishes, we come directly to client’s house and start a paid design session. We discuss and analyse in depth all the needs, lifestyle, we bring with us several samples, look for inspiring photos and give lots of advice based on our expertise that can be applied without hiring an interior designer. Then we measure and photograph the space, take notes. We also give the client some homework – a client questionnaire which will be our main document to start the design process. After the meeting we come back to our studio, analyse the project and prepare the concept which is a crucial piece of the interior design process.


Once the concept has been approved, we prepare a detailed technical and design style solution, specifying colours, samples, finishes and designing custom furniture. Each step is agreed and discussed with a client to approve and sign off.
This design phase takes a vast amount of time and expertise resulting in a project’s uniqueness.


If previously agreed in our agreement, we take care of the site – we communicate with vendors, monitor the site, buy all the necessary furniture and equipment, take care of purchases, deliveries, so that everything is on time. We work with international and local suppliers that provide best quality and design.


When construction and decoration is finished and the site is clean, we come and take care of art and accessories. Accessories and art should not be neglected – it is important to style and give the site unique, finished look that will completely reflect clients. We either buy new pieces or work with existing ones that client possesses already.

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